Monday, June 27, 2011

The Extended MUET December 2011 Paper Registration

The following announcement has been posted in the MPM's Website:-

Pendaftaran MUET Akhir Tahun 2011
Tarikh tutup: 21 Julai 2011

Therefore, wonderful readers!

You should take advantage of this respite in the closing date for the registration of the MUET December Paper 2011 as from next year onwards, the Fee for MUET tests will be RM100.00 (one hundred Ringgit Malaysia).  As for this year the fee is still RM60.00 (sixty Ringgit Malaysia).

Prospective candidates have more than 3 (three) weeks from today to register for the MUET Dec. 2011 papers.  The closing date will be 21 July, 2011.  This is official and a circular to that effect has been going around to secondary schools (in Malaysia).

For further details please feel free to visit the MPM's (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia - Malaysian Examination Council) website here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

MUET (June 2011) Results Are Out!

The following announcement appeared in the MPM Webpage:


13 Jun 2011

Semak melalui SMS mulai 12:01 tengah malam, 13 Jun 2011:
taip MUET RESULT<> No. K/P hantar ke 15888 atau MUET<>No.K/P hantar ke 36363

On-Line :
mulai jam 9:00 pagi, 13 Jun 2011

Therefore readers can  check their results by following the above instructions.  As you can see inquiries can be made through your mobile phone - sms.  You can check it the usual way, that is - online, via the MPM website.

Should you want to improve your results by taking the next tests at the end of the year (December Paper 2011) please be wary about the closing date (according to the MPM):

Pendaftaran MUET Akhir Tahun 2011

Tarikh tutup: 20 Jun 2011

Please be vigilant and do not miss the duration for sending your application (online, now).  You have two weeks from now to think about this and make your decision.  The last day for your application for the MUET registration for the December 2011 is 20 June 2011.  Your decision could be the crucial turning point in your life, who knows?