MATRI or her full name, Ma'had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyah, is an Islamic educational institution registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and with the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM). It is also registered with the Perlis State Education Department and the Perlis Department of Islamic Affairs. The Ma’had is registered with all the departments as a private international school.

MATRI carries the symbols (syi’ar) of "Scholars being the Heirs to the Prophet" with the aim to provide an extensive and structured knowledge of Islam so that the scholars will be able to understand the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) and the books published in Arabic. The Ma’had aims at educating the students with the perfect system of Islamic Tarbiyah through several activities, with aspirations to produce Islamic preachers and leaders who possess the correct syakhsiyah (character). They will be nurtured to be competent in various fields while at the same time having knowledge of the syariah and current sciences. They will also go down into society to become citizens who are committed to the teachings of Islam in the effort to implement and continue the work entrusted to Muslims by Allah.

The Ma'had (MATRI) is located in the Village of Tunjung, Beseri, Perlis. She was founded by the late Al-Fadl Dato 'Dahlan bin Mohd. Zain and started operations on 2 August 1987 equivalent to 17 th day of Muharram 1407H. Starting with 17 students (8 men and 9 women) and now Matri has more than 66 teachers and staff and more than 800 students. Matri provides Islamic education system through the Integrated Secondary School Curriculum (KBSM) and Pre-University Special Stage curriculum with emphasis on Islamic subjects and Arabic.

In the course of its growth, MATRI was initially registered with the Perlis Department of Islamic Affairs (JAIPs) on the 8th day of April 1990. The registration’s reference: JAIPs-AM-1 / 8 / (8). It also at the same time has been registered with the Perlis State Department of Education (JPNPs) and approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia on August 20, 1994 with the following department’s Registration reference: No. 24/98. Matri is today recognized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia as an International School. The approval Reference No. is: KP (JPS) 5181/20/01/Jld.2 (47).

MATRI has a strong vision to develop and grow into an institution of higher learning in various fields such as Al-Qur'an and Sunnah, the Sharia and Usuludin and also excel in the fields of science and technology.

Sourced and translated into English, from the MATRI webpage.