Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pre-University or University English?

As you see the MUET is "Malaysian University English Test".  The name of this blog is "MUET: The Pre-University English".  The name is thus so in order to be more specific and not to confuse the readers.  Actually whatever the name is the (high) standard is the same - university English.

Confusion may arise when people start asking what is university English and what is the English before that?  Actually the readers or students need not be confused as it is not necessary for them to do that.  That is a sheer waste of time.  We would like it to be just that - their journey here should be a breeze without the worries and doubts.  It is our intention that when readers come here they would just do it and get on with it - get the benefits that they could find in this blog.  Got it?

The materials used in text books and MUET question papers are sourced from current newspapers articles, periodicals, journals and others of the same standard.  The students are expected to be at par with the standard of English in the MUET.  Undoubtedly there are many students who do not reach that mark and they need to work hard to measure themselves up to that "standard".