Friday, January 27, 2012

MUET Speaking: Group Discussion

This is a continuation of what has been written in the post that I made on Dec. 5, 2011 at this post (yes, click here). In this installment you can see one more question from the 2009 800/2 Speaking paper.

Before we go on to the questions proper I would like to say a few things about the group discussion - what should be done. Preparation will take two minutes. Some people have the habit of writing an "essay" type of preparation. They tend to write "whole speeches" whereas they will have no time to do that. Having done that in Task A (which you should never do, yes - never!) - writing every word of their presentation, they cannot do that in Task B.  In both tasks they have to prepare in point form. This skill needs to be practiced so that it becomes 'part of you' or 'second nature' to you.

As you still remember in preparation for Task A (yes, click here) they should make notes. Please refer to my earlier post at that given link - above.

The questions are as follows:

TASK A__________________________________________

We should always be patriotic to our country.  How can we show our patriotism?

Candidate A:

Task A:    What are the ways to show patriotism as an individual?  Elaborate.

Please note that what you have to talk about (as Candidate A) are the ways to show patriotism.  As Candidate A you have to speak on how to show patriotism where you are - as an individual.  That is you are doing in your person situation as an ordinary individual.  As candidate B you have to speak on how to show patriotism as required in the question, not as an individual.  Please note that.  If you miss that key point you might be talking about something else.  You might be speaking about being patriotic is not to be individualistic.  Then, the score of your marks will be affected. 

Please note that you have to elaborate.  That means you have to expand or give more supporting details for your points that you put forward in your discussion. In the discussion you should not just only speak out your points.  You will have to say more about them such as quoting examples or illustrations, give justifications or reasons and saying it in different words (or paraphrase) so that the listeners will understand it better. If necessary you should give further information on the points and also give definitions or meanings of the words and phrases given.

The other candidates will have the following questions:

Candidate B:  What are the ways to show patriotism as a community?  Elaborate.
Candidate C:  What are the ways to show patriotism at a national level?  Elaborate.
Candidate D:  What are the ways thato show patriotism at an international level?

TASK B___________________________________________________________


We should always be patriotic to our country.  How can we show our patriotism?

Task B:    Discuss at which level patriotism can be most effectively displayed?

                  (i)             As an individual
                  (ii)            As a community
                  (iii)           At a national level
                  (vi)           At an international level

I hope that everybody is happy with this installment for the speaking test.  The question is sourced from the MPM's Mid-2009 MUET Speaking Paper.  Try it with your colleagues - in groups of fours.

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Have a good try.  All the best to you!