Sunday, February 19, 2012

MUET 800/2 Speaking Test - March 2012

The MUET Speaking Test (800/2) for the March 2012 session will start tomorrow (Monday) 20 March 2012.  We would like to wish all candidates the very best of luck.  Please do not panic.  Keep your cool.  For those who have worked hard for it then you should be well prepared for your day of reckoning.  As for those could not prepare due to constraints such as occupational commitments or some other reasonable premises, being panicky and jumping up and down will not help at all.  Just be calm and just do it.  Come what may.  If you can keep your calm then you have ditched half of your troubles.

MUET March 2012 Speaking Test Dates

For your information, the March 2012 MUET Speaking (800/2) Tests will be held on the 20, 21, 22, 23 (February) and further continued on the 27 & 28 February 2012.  All together six (6) days. Readers can click here to read for some tips on how to go about doing the speaking test.  

Want Some Speaking Guidelines and Pointers?

And, readers can also go here to get more pointers about doing the speaking test.  This old posting can give you some more guidelines in the Speaking Tests.  This link here (yes, click here!) sort of collate and collect all the postings on Speaking (in this blog).  There could be repetitions or overlapping of pointers and guidelines, sorry about that.  I hope you would bear with me (Thank you!).

If you need help (about your MUET centres, your exam slips, etc.) then you should contact the nearest Department of Education or the District Department of Education (Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah - PPD)

Lest You Forget

Please do not forget to bring along your examination slips, your ICs, pens and pencils.  Please take good care of your cell phones.

If you take along your cell phones to the tests, you will have to surrender your cell phones to the chief examiner for safe keeping until the test is over.  They might be the ones who take you cell phones temporarily but in no way they can be held responsible for the safety of your cell phones.  Taking cell phones for safekeeping is their job as it is required under the MUET Speaking Test standard procedures.  It is a measure to stop candidates from communicating with the outside world (while they do the Speaking Test).  The Quarantine is also a standard procedure.  Keeping the discipline in the quarantine room procedures is also a standard procedure!  Of course - keep the peace.  This is serious business.

All the best to you and I wish that you all succeed with flying colours.