Friday, April 15, 2011

The MUET Quarantine

MUET Quarantine?

So, what is MUET Quarantine?

It is my calling to write something on MUET quarantine.  Some of you have been making queries about MUET quarantine.  How do I know?  (I know, laaaah! … Heh, heh, heeeh … I know!!)

The Speaking 800/2 paper is already over and the other papers will be done with on 16 April 2011.  Therefore, this information will be somewhat not very useful for many of you as the Speaking paper is over.  As a consolation, it is still useful though, for prospective MUET candidates maybe for quite a number of years to come.

The word quarantine:
As the word quarantine crops up maybe the first thing that comes to people's minds is that of the animal or livestock quarantine maintained by the authorities at the country's entry points to prevent the free entry of unhealthy animals.  They can pose a danger to the local livestock or even to humans.

Animals will be quarantined for a certain length of time to detect diseases.  For example, cattle could be the culprits for foot and mouth disease.  If these sick animals were allowed entry, the diseases could create havoc.  

The MUET Quarantine
As far as MUET is concerned the quarantine procedure is only imposed for the Speaking 800/2 paper.  It is mandatory.  It does not mean that the candidates come for MUET afflicted with diseases!

This measure is necessary to prevent the candidates from getting in touch with people outside for the purpose of cheating.  It is also to stop them from being in contact with other candidates who have just undergone the speaking test.  The problems of test “leaks” and other dishonest practices can be prevented.

The candidates are required to come early for the test.  If they are scheduled for the first morning session, they should be in the quarantine room by 07:30 am.  There are a few things to be done and be completed.  Then they wait for their turn.  The test proper usually lasts thirty minutes for each group of four.

A Supervisor
A supervisor will inspect their National Identity Cards and examination slips.  He will assign them to their groups of four alphabetically.  He will also take possession of mobile phones from them for temporary safekeeping.  No outgoing communication at all!

Any other forms of devices will have to be surrendered too if they can double as a telephone.  Failure to do so (and if they are caught) will result in the disqualification of the candidates.  

Having finished with the preliminaries, the candidates will be given a briefing on the Test procedures and one of them will be called to inspect the Speaking papers which are still under wraps.  Having their integrity ascertained, their seals are opened - snipped up, under the watchful eyes of the candidates.  Reliability is maintained throughout the test or it is null and void.

Let The Test Begin!
As everything is ready, the candidates will be ushered into the test room that could be one or two doors away.  The examiners, as well as the candidates – being ready – the test begins.