Sunday, February 26, 2012

MUET Reading (800/3)

The MUET Reading 800/3 Paper 

THIS PAPER Carries the most MUET marks!

As you all know the MUET Reading Paper carries the most marks.  It carries 120 out of 300 marks.  If you get all the questions correct then automatically you will get band two automatically.  Yes, band two from one paper alone, that is the Reading Paper.  Whether it is taken in March, July or November.

The Reading (Comprehension) Paper Per Se

The Reading paper is divided into two major parts.  Those parts are determined by the genres of the questions.  Those major parts are:

1.  Texts with Graphics
    Usually these texts are followed by 7 (seven) questions.  They are information transfer questions from graphic representation to texts.  Candidates have to answer those questions based on graphs, charts, or tables which might be combined with linear texts.  Those linear texts could be news headlines, announcements, news clips or materials which could be similar in nature to the ones already mentioned above.  

      The questions (all questions in this paper - in fact) are followed by three multiple choice options.  They could be A. True  B. False and C. Not stated.  

2.  Reading Comprehension

     This second component is further divided into two parts.  They are:
    1.   Literary Texts
    2.  Expository Texts

    1.  The Literary Texts
          The texts could be extracted from short stories or novels

    2.  The Expository Texts
          The texts/articles could be sourced from Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, 
          Academic texts and electronic texts.  

There are five (5) reading passages (mind you!) which carries 38 questions.  Each passage could be as long as one page to one page and a half (in A4 size paper).  As you can see from the sources that the articles are taken the standard of English is understandably high.  University standard, that's it.  Like it or not, this is MUET!  ha, ha, ha ....

The New Reading 800/3 Page
 The Reading Page is already set up.  It is intended to be a page for many things on Reading.  The page can be accessed at this link (yes, click here!)