(Darul Naim College of Technology)

A priceless gem in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, a private institute of higher learning that is situated in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  It takes about five minutes' drive from the city centre. 

Should anybody inspire to further  their studies up to the tertiary level and happen not to be accepted into public universities or colleges, then KTD is the better option.  It is not an understatement to say that this is the best college of choice.  People who know the values that are being nurtured in KTD do not hesitate to send their youngsters there.  There is an instance where parents preferred to enroll their son into KTD instead of opting for an opportunity to study overseas under sponsorship.

The students here are not merely being groomed academically, they are also groomed to be the future leaders who are both highly capable and morally excellent.  

In the few years since its inception (1997) it has grown steadily from strength to strength.  Its staff are highly dedicated and are of high calibre.  In its partnership with UTM high achieving students have been produced.  It has received high praises from UTM as the students under the UTM programme are among the best performers outside UTM proper.  

Useful Links at KTD
The corporate information can be accessed here (in Bahasa Malaysia - Malay).  The Academic Affairs Department can be accessed here.  Here we can read news about the MBA programme that is being proposed by UTM to be carried out at KTD in Kota Bharu.  The strategic partnership with this university is progressing well from strength to strength.

Strategic Partnerships
KTD is in cooperation with the following local and overseas institutions for a more credible standard of tertiary education.

They are:-