Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mature Treatment of Topic - A MUET Requirement

One of the requirements in MUET is that candidates have to show "mature treatment of topic" ...

Whether it be Speaking 800/2 or Reading 800/3 or Writing 800/3. This is directly related to your mastery of English - how much vocabulary do you have?

Does your vocabulary match the required standard (University/pre-University command of English)?
So, if your vocabulary is a form two student's standard how can you maneuver your way through the standard of English in MUET (pre-University & University standard)?  Well, what we get is a form two student's ideas - as your ideas are limited by the words that you have in your brains.  You have big ideas but you do not have the words for it.  Can you get it across to people the way that you want it to delivered - in that target language (in "university standard" English)?
This piece of thought is worthy of your attention.

Practice MORE - Listen more, speak more, read more & write more.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The "NEW" MUET Syllabus

Dear readers,

For readers who are still confused as to whether what you are reading is the new MUET syllabus or not, need not worry any more!  It is being published in this blog all this time.  Readers need not search any further.  You can access it at the "NEW" Syllabus page.  At the top of the page you will find the tabs to my pages and one of them will take your 'click' to the NEW Syllabus page.
I hope you would find it useful as a guide for you to experience the MUET and take the Tests this year or next year.  

Next year will see the MUET being held three times per year.  If you do it this year, the fees is still RM60.00 and if you do it next year, you will have to pay RM100.00.  

So, fix your MUET timetable.  Have a good day and all the best to you!