Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MUET 2012 Registration Dates

Register Now!

Future candidates who want to take the MUET Test in March 2012 may do so now. The registration date is opened from the 1st-17th November 2011. Registration can begin now! You have 17 days to do so.

Online Registration
This illustration is taken from the MPM website for those who would like to register for the test using the MEC PIN number.
This is taken from the MPM Website on the mode of payment of the registration using Internet banking.

The website of the MPM (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia) is at this link:   http://www.mpm.edu.my/

In this blog you can click here (yes click here at these highlighted words!) to see the MUET Tests Calendar for this year, 2012.  You will have to click at the picture at the center of the post (right click) and you choose the view picture option.  It will be opened in a new tab.  It can be viewed in full size or smaller size.

Get Your Pin Number
As usual you can go to the Bank Simpanan Nasional to get the PIN number for online registration using the MEC mode. With that PIN number you can make the registration through the internet.

Payment Through Internet Banking
Payment can be made through your bank account and also using a credit card.

Happy registering!