Monday, February 7, 2011

The MUET Tests Dates for 2011

Attention all MUET candidates!
Here are the TEST DATES for the June and December 2011 MUET Papers. Pay careful attention as to the individual dates and see where you might be made to fit in. Having known the dates for the Tests, you can adjust your schedules and manage your time appropriately. Doing so, you will have good preparations.
(Private candidates who have registered for the Tests will be notified by post as to their respective MUET Test centres.)
It is good if preparation commences as early as possible. You will have ample time. Plan, as some learned people have often advocated:

............ YOU PLAN FOR FAILURE!"
The MUET Test Dates
June Paper
December Paper
Speaking (800/2) Paper

4, 5, 6,
11, 12 & 13
APRIL 2011

11, 12, 13,
18, 19, 20
Written Tests: Listening (800/1), Reading (800/3) and Writing (800/4)
16 APRIL 2011

19 NOVEMBER 2011
In the case of candidates who would like to make any inquiries you can pay a visit to:

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia,
Bangunan MPM,
Persiaran 1,
Bandar Baru Selayang,
68100 Batu Caves,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-61369663
Fax: 03-61361488

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